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Postcard Revolution


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Welcome to Postcard Revolution

Postcard Revolution is a community which was brought to life by the mod Ivana
[bitch_please] a while ago. The aim of this community is to increase people’s postcard collections, share mail love, make sure people’s mail boxes are never empty, and have one constantly active community on people’s friends lists. :)

The original idea was to send postcards annonymously but over time this has changed and now most postcards are either signed or the person’s lj username is written somewhere on the postcard- most people also have a tendency to say thank you for any postcard they receive in the community, which is great because then we know our mail has completed its journey safely.

Themed Exchanges
Themed exchanges are organised postcard exchanges. A theme is posted every few weeks or so as chosen by the mod; everyone who wants to take part in the themed exchange posts their address in the comments of that particular entry. After about a week the mod will post an entry saying that the theme is closed. This means no new addresses are to be added. Then everyone who posted their address in the comments sends themed postcards to the other addresses that have been posted. Previous themes have included: random facts about yourself and song lyrics about cities or countries.

Please Note
We do not want any kind of offensive material posted in this community [racist, sexist, pornographic (there are underage people in here and others might find it offensive) etc] so don’t post anything of that sort.
This is a give-take community, so try to send as much mail as you can; mail is great but it does require you to return the favour.

Address Database
We have an address database running, thanks to osulolli. It is an Excell [and soon to be, also Word] document with the usernames, names and addresses of a majority of our members. The whole point of it is to avoid having to post your address on the Internet; saying “I’m in the database” is much easier. When you join, let us know in your introduction post if you wanted to be added to the database, and you will receive the database as an attachement via email. At the moment, I [Ivana] am mainting the database.

Rules Are As Follows:
- Add the community to your friends list
- Introduce yourself when you join; name, age, interests, address/email
- For your own safety, try to make all entries with addresses ‘friends only’
- Do not promote communities unless you think we’ll be genuinely interested [ie. no rating communities or anything like that]
- Be nice and play fair

If you have any questions or need anything explained, either email thepixiefreak@hotmail.com [with ‘postcard_rev’ as the subject] or leave a comment at bitch_please’s journal.
We’re a friendly bunch so don’t be afraid to join. :)